Pitbull Puppies for sale


Pitbull puppies for sale

Emily & Paul

I can’t believe how amazing the process has been with Royal Pitbull Pups. Through every step Royal Pitbull Pups was there to make sure I had all the information I needed and updated me regularly about my new fur baby! I asked hundreds of questions and always received a reply. They really cares about placing the perfect pup in the perfect home. There are so many breeders out there but Royal Pitbull Pups is by far the best. I’ve been hoping to add a Pitbull to our family for years and thanks to Royal Pitbull Pups my dream is finally a reality. My pup arrived happy and healthy and LOVES people! Not a shy bone in her body. We just adore her. Her personality is so fantastic. You can tell how well she was cared for and that means so much to me. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Royal Pitbull Pups when it comes time to add another fur baby!


I received my puppy almost two weeks ago and everyone is asking me how old is he because he’s so clumsy but huge lol. Looks like a puppy but with an almost adult size look. He was delivered safely and right on time as Royal Pitbull Pups mention days prior. I must say, I am extremely pleased with Royal Pitbull Pups. They are true professional and knowledgeable with all of the process and everything else that ties customer service and American Pitbull.
They kept me updated every single time and was patient with me. It’s my first American Pitbull puppy and I’ve had a thousand questions. They always replied and even called
Royal Pitbull Pups are true gentlemen and a professional. I would recommend everyone and anyone who is interested in the amazing American Pitbull to contact Royal Pitbull Pups and staff to scheduling their next puppy.


Best people in the business, its an honor to be able to work beside them.. No matter the situation, one of the crew can help, their experience and knowledge are top notch. TY ALL, for everything you do and have done for us!


I had to change my review on this business i did get a wonderful response from the boss they have a lot to attend to such as tending to sick dogs and responding to the hundreds of calls and texts they receive each day. Please don’t be upset with them if they don’t answer right away. The contacts for other employees
are on their website so if the boss doesn’t answer you can always try another contact number. This is a awesome respectful business so give them a try😉

David Lloyd

Royal Pitbull Pups have been nothing but great since I have been in contact with them. I was looking for a dog that was beautiful, would be loving with my family, and had a calm temperament. When I came across Royal Pitbull Pups I know it was a great fit! Once I chose Kobe, I was able to get videos of him, obtain all his vet records and get updates on when he was coming home! When it was time to ship Kobe to us Royal Pitbull Pups was giving updates on when he was on his way and what time he would be arriving as he was being shipped by a private third party. Royal Pitbull Pups was also very helpful with answering all our questions with Kobe and very personable as well. We are nothing but happy with our new puppy Kobe! He is very obedient, loving, and growing sooo fast! We highly recommend Royal Pitbull Pups!

Especial thanks David Lloyd !!!!


Very professional breeders. Picked up our puppy just as promised on the day we were scheduled to. Everyone from start to finish was very helpful and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Royal Pitbull Pups if you are in the market for a Pitbull.


The best at Royal Pitbull Pups is! Family oriented, reputable, honest, helpful & so much more in every way.
Couldn’t be happier to know such great folks.
Great people. Great dogs. Great business.


I just got off the phone with Royal Pitbull Pups. They have been an amazing help in planning the future of our dogs. I’m absolutely looking forward to working with Royal Pitbull Pups. The information they provide about stud fees and puppies was unmatched by any breeder. They knowledge of bloodlines definitely provided vision to where I’d like my dogs to be. Thank you so much Royal Pitbull Pups!


I have been looking for a pure bred pitbull with no luck. I decided to call Royal Pitbull Pups and spoke to them. They took their time explaining to me all about the breed and sent me pictures. They also offered advice even if I didn’t buy from them. I still made a few more calls and I thought I was going to buy from someone else so I called again for Royal Pitbull Pups’ advice they were very patient and informative. They also recommended some of the breeders that are from the same blood line as their pups. I am so impressed with how the whole experience was handled.
Thank you Royal Pitbull Pups. I am so happy to be a part of your family now. She is 15 weeks
I love Athena she is precious and I could have not done it without Royal Pitbull Pups. 😍


I purchased a puppy from Royal Pitbull Pups and got nothing but the best of everything from Royal Pitbull Pups. They were very professional and any questions I had they replied back in a timely manner. Easy to communicate with. Through our conversation I could tell that they are not just about selling dogs, but making sure the pups are going to good homes and will be safe and well taking cared of. I have received my pup and he is so loving and adorable. It’s like he was meant for me and my kids love him. Thank you very much Royal Pitbull Pups. I’ll be coming back for another 1 soon.