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Overview of the Akita Puppies For Sale

The Akita is distinctive large and powerful dog with an aloof attitude.  The Akita can be territorial and the dog is not usually welcoming of strangers.They are double coated dogs and their undercoat is thick and warm, coupled with short top coat.These dogs are considered to be heavy shedders which mean they not only shed twice a year but they also drop hair regularly right throughout the year.There are two breeds of Akita puppies; the Japanese Akita puppy which is white, red or brindle and the American Akita puppy which comes in a wide variety of colours including black, black brindle, blue brindle, brown, brown brindle, brindle, fawn and fawn brindle.The Japanese Akita puppy is known as the ‘Akita Inu’ or ‘Japanese Akita’ and the American bloodline is known as the ‘Akita’ or ‘American Akita.

Size of the Akita Puppies For Sale

A male Akita puppy weigh from 38 to 54 kg and female akita puppies weigh 34 to 50 kilos.  Male Akita puppies stand about 61 to 71 cm and females stand from 61 to 66 cm.The average lifespan of an Akita puppy is 11 to 15 years.

Personality and Temperament Akita Puppies For Sale

Akita puppies are large, strong dogs and therefore not really suitable to the first time dog owner.  That’s not to say that the Akita dog won’t make a loving and loyal family pet, the main point to highlight is that they must be trained and socialised from an early age. As they were originally bred as protectors Akita puppies tend to be very wary of strangers.  They can be trained but in order to be trained they need to consider the trainer to be the head of the pack. Akita puppies are not that friendly with other dogs and they have a tendency to go from playing to attack without any notice. As with other large dog breeds the Akita dog needs regular exercise in the form of daily walks. While the Akita act as a guard dog for the home they don’t bark.  It may be that their physical presence is enough to ward off any intruder. It is best that the Akita dog is the only dog in a household to ensure that there are no aggression issues with other pets. Children must also be taught to respect this powerful breed.

Diseases & Conditions Common to the Akita puppies for sale

Symptoms, diagnosis and treatment

  • Hip Dysplasia is a heritable condition in which the thighbone and hip joint of the akita dog for sale don’t fit together properly. This can cause pain and lameness in the leg and arthritis later in life, but in some dogs it is not outwardly obvious.  X-rays can be conducted to test for the condition.
  • Gastric dilatation-volvulus, also know as bloat is a deadly condition affecting large dogs such as the Akita. Risk is increased if the Akita dog is fed one large meal a day, eats quickly, drinks large amounts of water or exercises after eating. The stomach twists, making the Akita unable to belch or vomit to get rid of excess air, and as a result the blood supply to the heart is impaired. Unless immediately attended to, the Akita may die. Symptoms of bloat include a distended belly, excessive drooling, dry having, restlessness, exhaustion, weakness and a quick heart rate.
  • Hypothyroidism, in which the thyroid gland does not produce enough thyroid hormone, is a growing issue among Akita puppies. Symptoms include weight gain and hair loss. Epilepsy can also be caused by hypothyroidism. Affected Akita puppies can take daily oral medication to combat the condition.
  • Progressive retinal atrophy refers to a family of eye diseases which gradually result in the deterioration of the retina, causing first night blindness then full blindness. There is no cure, but most Akita adapt very easily to the vision loss, provided their environment does not change too much.
  • Sebaceous Adenitis. This genetic condition is often difficult to diagnose and it can be mistaken for Hypothyroidism.  This condition destroys the sebaceous glands in the skin and they become inflamed and eventually destroyed.  Symptoms usually first occur when the Akita is from one to five years old.  Typical symptoms include dry, scaly skin and hair loss on top of the head, neck, and back. Though this condition is cosmetic it can cause the Akita dog great discomfort and it should be reviewed by a vet.

Facts about these Akita puppies for sale

  • There was an Akita in Japan who went to the station with his master every day and waited for his master to return from work in the same spot. When his master went on the train one day and died he did not return but the Akita dog continued to go to the station for 12 years.  When the Akita died the Japanese erected a bronze statue of him.


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